What are Transformer Hold Packs

Maximum intensity climbing at your own level!

The Training Sessions and Problems bought with your holds are emailed direct from Dave MacLeod as PDFs.

At Power Station our goal was to develop the ultimate compact home training station. To achieve this this we needed a stonking hold set up that provided effective training for climbers of all abilities.

With Power Station you can progress your climbing quickly and with no lost time travelling with simple expert sessions from one of the best climbers and coaches in the world. Dave will be writing ongoing information and posting film on Power Station and Dave MacLeod Media Channels. Power Station and the Transformer Hold Ranges are perfect for climbers who want to boost there weekly training outside of the climbing gym or for those that are too far from a wall to train frequently or at all.

Working with Power Station Ambassador Dave MacLeod we have selected and arranged specific hold sets on Power Station and Substation. These special hold sets come with training exercises and / or Problems and Circuits depending on what sets you purchase.

These holds can be set up using the installation guide that accompanies the holds and the universal grid system on each and every board.

Transformer Hold Sets: These holds form the basis of your station and come with circuits for max gains.


EASY V0 - V4 / HARD V5 - V8 / VERY HARD V9 + Problem Sets: These hold sets come with 10 problems set by Dave MacLeod which can be attempted individually and then linked as a training circuits once they can all be done independently. Once you are ready, move to the next difficulty or wait for the next hold set at that grade! 

10 NEW FREE problems in June 2018 for each hold set! 

2019 HOLD Sets will be available in November 2018

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Important notes and Guidance for buying Transformer Holds:

Holds for Power Station:

All of our Hold Packs for Power Station are designed to be used in conjunction with the Fuse and a Fingerboard mounted onto Power Station.

  • Transformer Hold Pack A - This cannot be used at the same time as Gym Pack A
  • Gym Pack A - This cannot be used at the same time as Transformer Pack A

Holds for Substation:

  • Transformer Hold Pack BThis cannot be used at the same time as Gym Pack B
  • Gym Pack BThis cannot be used at the same time as Transformer Pack B or the Problem sets.
  • Easy, Hard, Very Hard Circuit Holds - You can use ONE of these sets with Transformer Hold Pack B. These do not work with Gym Pack B