Why Buy the Power Station Training System

Why Buy Power Station?

Power Station is more that 25 yrs in the making. It has taken the experience gained as a Mountaineering Instructor and Guide, PE Teacher, Climbing Coach and Athlete to arrive at the Power Station now available on this site. Realising this project at the standard and quality I aspired to provide to our customers is the result of experience gained over hundreds of home, school and commercial climbing facilities build by my company Dream Climbing Walls. Our goal at Dream Climbing has always to be the best, innovate and provide bespoke, exclusive and high quality climbing facilities.


It has always been part of the "dream" to continue to develop and bring on the next generation of climbers (and my own climbing). The formula to be good or very good is simple. Climb, Climb and Climb some more. Train, Train and Train some more. Yet that is not always easy, when busy at work or with a young family.

When time is limited, the convenience of having a quality and readily available training facility comes to the fore to simply keep moving and progressing. Never has climbing been so popular or accessible (especially with Olympic Integration), but climbing walls have not always been so readily available and even now some people live far enough away from a good climbing and bouldering wall to make training regularly a massive problem. There has been periods of life (as a student) where attaching to the property I was in was impossible and I have lost count of the number of home walls I have build and struggled to remove and recycle. I always thought there had to be a better solution that you could adapt and take with you.

The solution had to fit in almost any room and be adjustable, look fantastic, be super functional and easy to put up and take down. It had to be suitable and adaptable for all climbers, non climbers and of course kids. 

The result is Power Station offering training at home, in the office or gym instantly without any loss of time or money travelling.

Using Power Station in addition to the climbing or bouldering wall will turbo boost your grades and fitness. If you cannot get to an indoor wall or need to top up then you have a ready made home training station. What is even better is that it can be dismantled and taken with you wherever you go next. Money saved.

Working with Dave Macleod we have formed a formidable team to bring you the Power Station Training System which is suitable for Climbers and Non Climbers looking for an effective Cross Training Climbing Station.

Train Harder, Smarter, More Often - Power Station Training

Scott Muir.


Power Station Benefits:

  • Train Instantly at Home, In the Office, Gym or Climbing Wall
  • Build and Customize Your Station
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Totally Freestanding
  • Adaptable and Adjustable
  • Feet On and Feet Off Climbing
  • Comes with Hold Packs and Training Information

Features of Power Station:

  • 100 Hold Fixings Points
  • Adjustable in height from max 2200 mm down to a height suitable for Kids
  • The Fuse Board with High and Low Mounting Points front and back for your Hangboard
  • Fixings in the Feet for Foot On Climbing
  • 9 x T Nuts under the Board for Hanging Training Equipment on Eye Bolt Anchors
  • Universal Grid System for mounting holds and sharing problems
  • Mount Campus Rungs - Rolly Balls - Gym Rings

Features of Substation:

  • Adjust from 30 to 45 Degrees Overhanging
  • Universal Grid System for mounting holds and sharing problems
  • 194 T Nut Hold Fixing Points
  • Lifting handles
  • Mount Campus Rungs and Training Holds


The Insulator:

  • Reduce Injuries when training
  • 100 mm Chip Foam Mats
  • Heavy duty Hard Wearing PVC Zip Bags
  • Removable Carpet Top Fixed to the PVC
  • Hinged so mats fold in half for easy storage within the footprint
  • All Components replaceable
  • Bespoke matting available especially for Commercial Customers

Transformer Hold Packs

  • Special Hold sets selected to enhance your training backed up by Dave MacLoed Training Information, Problems and Circuits